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Aka Ryu Clan


(天狗一族, Aka Ichizoku)'

Founded In

1100s Golden Silence Era


Clan Shira Tancho

Clan Takezō


Fire Will,

Masterful Determination,

Great Cooperation,

War Geniuses



Second in





Ashura Takezo




Notable Members







Bootyshorts 6 Recruitment]

ans oYSYSUEJDHXUDNDTOLFJDUDUDJDJDd; Kishimoto died, througdudhdheheclan was left in despair, many thought that it would die, howeidusjenrjeieiejen83736262839#8$,$8383,4748$,383,$84,48$&#;'&$8382827263849494847373736363d-in-command Tsuyoshi stepped up and tok the Leadership of the clan. Even through great effort and work, Tsuyoshi couldn't manage to lead the Clan; thus losing one of the main territories in Japan, the Northern Island... Eventually he went missing; a sad story for Aka Ryu... Months passed and the clan started losing territory... Until.. A new Leader named Ashura managed to take the Leadership of Aka Ryu, as the Nineth Superior of the Clan. He managed to free some territories which the clan had lost, however the manpower was not enough for the clan to rise again. Thus Ashura being young resulted in him being temperamental and commonly getting in fights with the higher clans, deemed an unworthy Leader by himself, he decided on giving the Leadership back to Tsuyoshi and leaving the clan; however even Tsuoyshi ended up betraying Aka Ryu, thus leaving it Leaderless again. While months passed, new Generals started Rising in power inside Aka Ryu. Two of them being more noteable became rivals and slowly, took the Leadership to Aka Ryu, the fighters named Iostiogic also know as "LostLogic" by the world alongside "Rugedeth" were some of the strongest fighters Aka Ryu ever had. However, both ended up dead in the battlefield, years after they became Leaders of the clan. However, a new fighter, at a young age, started persuading for power in the clan. He was not a Leader, neither a second-in-command of Aka Ryu during the reign of Penguintherest, however he was deemed as the strongest fighter of that time. When Penguingtherest along with his Second-In-Command went missing and were presumed Dead, he rose in power and took control of the Clan, thus being known as "One of the Greatest Leaders of Aka Ryu"... So with more pages left to be written, Aka Ryu started rising in strength and Thylakaleo, or preferably called, the Human-Lion of the world led the clan for over a year. He stepped down once he found a worthy successor in Tonyk.

Land trades and aid to new smaller clans to gain territories are now under way, to ensure peace, honor, and virtue throughout the lands. [3][4]Tatsuo and Gyokari, the pillars of Aka Ryu

Known AcquisitionsEdit


After Gyokari discovered a gate to "the other world" Tatsuo decided to extend Aka Ryu lands in a different dimension and conquer the tengus. In this picture the tengu recognizes Tatsuo as his leader.

War StatusEdit

Neutral with Aoi Hoiru

Neutral with Ki Sensu

Neutral with Midori Ken

Neutral with Honoshihai

Neutral with Kin Tomoe

Neutral with Koizumi

Neutral with Murakami Sohei

Notable Clan LeadersEdit

  • Byakuya (Deceased) - The first leader.He got mad at the other Aka Ryu members and left.He hasn't been seen in a long time.
  • Maher (Deceased) - The second leader.He rarely shows up and it's not known whether he left clan or not.
  • Gyokari (Deceased) - The third leader and best swordsman Aka ryu ever had.He still gets involved in clan activities as the counselor of Xanzo.
  • Tatsuo (Not a member of AKA anymore) - Gyokari's counselor and second-in-command.He and Gyokari often lead separate attacks which makes their impact on enemies stronger.
  • Xanzo (Deceased) - The fourth leader of Aka Ryu. A Truly powerful warrior who even against all of Midori's power pushed them back in the Great War Fighting on par with FireFistAce and Yoshinori in combat.
  • Yoshinori - The fifth Leader of Aka Ryu, He is one of the strongest warriors and the sharpest minds of this era to stand in combat, the only one able to match him in power is The former Leader of Midori-Ken FireFistAce. Yoshinori shows exceptional talent and power pushing back the Midori-ken single-handedly, a true terror and a one man army. He has been described as being tsundere, he is also blatantly honest and straight forward when faced with a problem he gets right to the point and ruthlessly crushes the problem at hand. Currently he is no longer the Leader of Aka Ryu he passed the position on to another strong warrior.
  • Uchiha  - The Sixth leader. Powerful but easily tempted. Got in to argument with Aoi Hoiru clan.
  • Kishimoto (Deceased) - The seventh leader of Aka Ryu, he was originally known as "ankoku busshitsu"暗黒物質,when his good friend genron died in the demon war he left never to be seen again only after he realized that the clan is in danger he quickly returned with a new name "Kishimoto" but he left the clan after he had an argument with Uchiha but he decided to take matters into his on hands and returned to the clan claiming himself as the rightful leader.
  • Tsuyoshi (Deceased) - The 8th leader of Aka Ryu. Exellent in battle. He never makes decissions without agreeing with the clan first. He is one of the most powerful fighters of Aka Ryu. He still gets involved in the clan as the second in command of Ashura.
  • Ashura- The nineth Supreme Leader of Aka Ryu. He was chosen by his clan-mates to be the leader of Aka Ryu. When he was chosen, he said a small speech to give his friends courage, and give fire to their will once again. He sworn to get his clan back to the greatness and power they had. He is doing his best to make his clan mighty once again. Before becoming leader, he was a strategist, second in command and Tsuyoshi's counselor. He might not have been the strongest warrior, but his enemies feared him. His hit was able to destroy armies of men. Even though he's not the best fighters, he's one of the sharpest minds in this era. He trains all he can, wishing that one day he'd be able to study the almighty Art Of Six Paths. Till then he will train to become strong and mighty.
  • Iostigic (Deceased) - Iostigic, or "LostLogic, as he is sometimes referred, was a powerful warrior, and leader of the clan during the time of Thylakaleo's birth. He, along with his second in command, waged a strong war against Aoi Hoiru in a conquest to take the Southern Islands. Their prowess in both war and questing managed to invade nearly half of their tiles, before their sudden disappearance. Once this occurred, the clan lost both structure and morale, allowing Aoi Hoiru to push the invading Aka Ryu out of the southern island.
  • Penguintherest (Deceased) - Penguintherest was a young, intermediate leader for the clan. In need of someone to take the helm, he was able to negotiate peace with the other clans, in return for a small amount of pand in both the north and the center of the map. It is widely believed that his Second in Command, Ixinzhaoi, would have been better suited for leader. Though, both leaders were frequently absent and unseen. After long enough, they were presumed dead, and other members took control of the clan.
  • Thylakaleo - After Many failed wars, and lost glory, several leaders came and went within a short period of time. This lead to much turmoil as Thylakaleo rose in rank in the clan, beside Rugedeth. Thylakaleo and Rugedeth chose to take control of the clan. However, personal differences between Thylakaleo and Rugedeth lead to Rugedeth feeling a sense of having brought dishonor to his clan. Therefore, he chose to leave and become a Ronin, pushing Thylakaleo into the head of the clan. Thylakaleo made many strides to repair relations harmed by the un-named leaders, and undo the damage that had been done by his clan, in an attempt to restore glory and honor to his people, as well as honor the legacy of Rugedeth. Thylakaleo is known for his bluntness and directness as a leader. Quick to speak on behalf of his clan when he feels the need to, but equally quick to reprimand his clan members and keep them in line. He is known for hosting many events throughout the world for members of his clan specifically, and for everyone in the world to be able to take part in, as well as rewarded hard working and honest members of his clan with extra riches. He is known for recruiting heavily for his clan, and an unwavering loyalty to Aka Ryu. He was the first to have a set of Aka Ryu Clan Commander armor forged to commemorate his love and loyalty to the clan.
  • Tonyk - Tonyk took over command from Leo (Thylakaleo) At the turn of the sixth great war. His will, determination, and flexible skillset made him the perfect candidate to lead the clan into new and greater things. His first day as leader, he was able to unite the ideologies between Clans Aka Ryu and Aoi Hoiru, ending a long standing feud, and bringing a new order to the lands.

Notable Clan MembersEdit

  • Tomoyuki - While no were the most notable member in the clan as he is a new member still going up the ranks, he is loyal to his clan and always tries to use the garments of his rank. he is currently a corporal and rising. he is no were near the strongest in the group but makes up with it in shear loyalty to the clan and effort to help. he often talks to the currant leader Thylakaleo and sometimes asks for his help.
  • LoSonoSanto (No longer a Member of AKA) - Good soldier,always obeys orders.Excellent in the battlefield. Was clan General till he got mad at the other Aka Ryu members and left like his friend Byakuya.
  • Bootyshorts - Though without a doubt one of the most abrasive and toxic players to ever be seen in the game, it is also without question that he played crucial roles in the winnings of Aka's many spars and war involvements. Bootyshorts has been consistently recognized for his war room prowess, and likewise reprimanded for his lack of filter (and basic cerebral function). While Thylakaleo and Bootyshorts have locked horns MANY times, they eventually defused their altercations and made peace with one another, both recognizing the other was a vital force in the power of the dragon.
  • Loneswordsman - A no-doubtful loyal Samurai to the clan he calls home, his history to ryu is deep as is his accomplishments within the walls of red, Lone is considered a Hero by many ryu soldiers and wears his title proud dawning the "Lion of Ryu" status. His power in war room is devastating as his experience in the trenches have taught him how to survive the most brutal of onslaughts and walk away with a grin. He serves as an authority figure to the council of ryu helping all second in commands and leaders and provides a voice to his fellow soldiers when the battlefield is full of blood. All in all one of the best that Ryu could have spawned.