origins and Shujinko's LeadershipEdit

Aoi Hoiru claims nominal descent from the Tominakie Clan and its Daimyo, Lord Tominakie. Legend has it that they was obliterated by the Gironai Clan, but survived by some miracle as a new leader emerged within Aoi Hoiru: Shujinko Takezo. Under the guidance of his master, former Strategist and Chief General of the Midori KenHirosuke Takezo, Shujinko defeated his opponents for Aoi Hoiru leadership. Aoi Hoiru was better off with Shujinko as their leader, with Zamarak as their Second in Command. It is even said that they were considered by the other powerful clans as children playing and interfering in the battlefield. However, they arose from the ashes of their former clan, and became a force to be reckoned with. A force powerful enough to rival Aka Ryu in strength and skill. As time passed however, Shujinko's presence became scarcer and scarcer. Aka Ryu once again threatened the land, and a new leader was chosen: Saskia.

The Forthcoming CrisisEdit

Under the passage of time, new clans have emerged, such as clans Kin Tomoe and Honoshihai, with each claiming their mainlands and capitals. Meanwhile, Aoi Hoiru became stronger under Saskia's leadership, and claimed Kyūshū as their mainland. Aoi Hoiru enjoyed peace, security, and the fruits of Saskia's leadership, until one day, for a cause long forgotten, Saskia left her seat to Nicholol as the third leader of Aoi Hoiru. It was when the people thought that he would be a worthy successor to Saskia, one who would lead Aoi to prosperity. Unfortunately, the clansmen were all mistaken, for Nicholol undid what Saskia has done for the clan. He kept changing names and turned his back on Aoi in the middle of starting a long war with Aka Ryu. A series of covert campaigns led by Aka's leader turned the once blue-colored Kyūshū into red. It was seemingly a war of attrition at first, and it was only with men such as Korosu, Ak90, Aloshka, Xcution, and other handful of officers led the soldiers of Aoi to reclaim what once was their home.

Reclaiming KyūshūEdit

With Aloshka as a young officer unofficially leading all of Aoi's men at the time, with help from Xcution, Aoi fought with all they can, whether be it on the front lines or in covert operations, and did everything they can to reclaim Kyūshū town by town. The young leader back then, was having difficulty reclaiming the entirety of Kyūshū. Aka's forces were formidable at the time, with their surprise attacks capturing towns that were supposedly converted recently. All hope seemed lost when Saskia returned. With the morale of the clansmen recovered, with Saskia's aid and with the help and strategies of new hopeful officers, Aoi regained what was theirs. Aka's influence within Kyūshū diminished gradually, until the entire land was once covered again in blue. It was at this time that Saskia deemed Aloshka worthy of leadership, and gave her seat to him, and thus disregarding Nicholol as the third leader of Aoi, while Aloshka's was solemn. To aid him in his leadership was Xcution, whom he appointed as his right hand man.

The Iron Willed RulerEdit

Now with Aloshka as the official third leader of Aoi Hoiru, he returned the clan to its rightful state. He has done so by having diplomatic relations with other clans, even to the opposing ones. However, his right hand man was completely different compared to him. As Aloshka was diplomatic, just, and heeds his own call, Xcution was deceitful and a war monger, hungering for no more other than blood and vengeance. Always attempting to influence his fellow officers to walk his ways. Fortunately, Aloshka's will was immovable. He was able to correct Xcution, although the latter would go back to his ways, only to be stopped by Aloshka again and again. During Xcution's term, for reasons unknown, he left. Since the seat of Second in Command was open, a new and far more noble officer was elected to the position to serve as Aloshka's right hand man: AK90. Unlike the previous right hand man, they never came to bouts with each other. Little or so did the officer knew at the time that he would be the next to lead Aoi Hoiru for the days to come

Known AcquisitionsEdit



Saskia's Bridge (between Honshū and Hokkaidō)


Clan Relationships Edit

Clan Name Classification Clan Heraldry Current Status Current Clan Status
Aka Ryu Major Clan Yellow dragon on a red field Peace Active
Ki Sensu Major Clan White fan on a yellow field Peace Active
Midori Ken Major Clan Encircled yellow fist on a green field Peace Disabled
Honoshihai Major Clan (Player-Created) Three purple flowers in hexagons on a silver field Ceasefire Active
Murakami Sohei Major Clan (Player-Created) Gold flower in a hexagon on an orange field Peace Active
Bishamon (formerly known as Blood Lotus) Major Clan / Mercenary Clan (Player-Created) Black flower on a violet field (current) / Crimson lotus on a violet field (as Blood Lotus) Peace Active
Kin Tomoe Minor Clan (Player-Created) Three encirled black tomoe on a pale yellow field Peace Dead
Koizumi Minor Clan (Player-Created) Yellow flower on a black field Peace Dead
Shi no Sasori Minor Clan (Player-Created) Red shuriken on a black field Peace Dead
Uroburos Minor Clan (Player-Created) Encirled black uroburos on a red field Peace Dead
Churitsu Minor Clan (Player-Created) Unknown Peace Dead
The Reapers Minor Clan (Player-Created) Unknown (Olive field) Peace Dead

Notable Clan Members Edit


  • AK90- Fourth Leader of Aoi Hoiru. Poweful wizard.
  • Goldfangdraco- Actual second in command, and wise afro samurai.
  • Aloshka- Former Third very Talented political leader of Aoi Hoiru.
  • SamoryeYi- Aoi Hoiru Ex-Second-in-Command. Resumes Soldiering and entering the "Outside World".
  • Saskia- Former Second Leader of Aoi Hoiru, Founder and Daimyo of Clan Blood Lotus.
  • Shujinko- The formidable First leader of Aoi Hoiru
  • Ichirou Kurosu- A War Hero and Strategist/Tactician of Aoi Hoiru
  • Fuujin- The Head of troops in the Aoi Hoiru
  • Zamarak- The Head Special Ops of Aoi Hoiru
  • Sanjiro- The spunky, young inexperienced right hand man of Shujinko
  • Tao- The unofficial "Veggie Consoler" of the Aoi Hoiru. (His military experience somehow made him a General)
  • Von Schadel - Time traveler who is trapped in the Samurai era , joined Aoi Hoiru because he felt like they needed more troops . Current leader of the Aoi Hoiru Bucket Squad
  • Bootyshorts - Most idiotic toxic and lazy member in Aoi, but useful yet as he has some power and ability in the war room. is too lazy-assed at the moment to do anything with his cache of gifts and abilities.

Aoi Hoiru leader Memorial Edit

Shujinko's Achievements :

(Reigned from [CompleteThere] to [CompleteThere])

- First leader of Aoi Hoiru.

- First player to reach the rank of General.

- Organized the Aoi Hoiru Clan.

- Led his troops with Zamarak (his first general) to epic battles.

- Won the Second Great War.

Saskia's Achievements :

(Reigned from middle of March 2014 to 09 February 2015)

- Second leader of Aoi Hoiru.

- First woman ever to lead a clan.

- Brought peace between Aoi and the other clans.

- Won two wars.

- Allowed a defeated clan to retake some of the territories captured.

- Always had a good diplomacy with others clans, even at war.

- Unified the south of Japan under Aoi's banner.

[Collapse] Aloshka's Achievements :

(Reigned from 22 May 2015 to October 2015)

- Third leader of Aoi Hoiru.

- Led a resistance to stop Aka Ryu from wiping out Aoi and settling in its mainland (Kyūshū), and succeeded.

- Iron grip on taking decisions

- Made an alliance with Ki Sensu to defeat Hōnoshihai.

- Made Hōnoshihai shake (Which was reputed to be the most powerful clan in war room).

- Created a wall against Hōnoshihai.

- Created good clan relations with Ki Sensu, Aka Ryu and Blood Lotus.

- Stayed cool in every situation possible.

AK90's Achievements :

-Fourth and current leader of Aoi Hoiru.

(More to be added)