Character Profile

Hanpatsu OdiloShinnai


(The Eager Young Star of Midori)

Level: 64 (Nidan)

Clan: Midori Ken--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Element: Wind

Fighting Style: Tenken Shoogoes


Hanpatsu is a very young eager Samurai. He is very polite and respectful to those around him. He's always eager to help those he cares about and his clan. Fiercely Loyal to his family friends and clan Hanpatsu is often protective to those he cares about. He's a bright student and learns very quickly. Always in bright spirits its rare to see Hanpatsu angry.


As a Child training in the ways of the Samurai. Hanpatsu wore a Green Gi, Black training Pants, Sadals and a Straw hat. During the Demon Wars Hanpatsu wore grey Armor with the OdiloShinnai Crest on the back, black combat pants, sandals, grey armored gloves, his straw hat with armor plating on it and and a Black mask with the OdilioShinnai crest. After joining Midori ken Hanpatsu now wears green Armor with the OdiloShinnai crest on the back with the Midori Ken symbol inside it, he still wears his combat pants and sandals, he now wears blue armored gloves, he wears a new mask that is adorned with both the Midori Ken symbol and a diamond jumbled up together and he no longer wears his straw hat due to him growing his hair out.


Hanpatsu was orphaned when his parents fell in battle Many years ago. Hanpatsu was raised by a member of the extended part of the OdiloShinnai Family who were to old to particapate in the war. He would learn of his Family heretige and it's efforts in the Demon Wars from them. At the age of 6 Hanpatsu left the relatives and set out with his Cousin Shakkaho to find Hanpatsu's first cousin Mattsoncumbae the head of the OdiloShinnai family who at the time had just obtained the family title succeeding his father Stansoncumbaesashi and was currently at a Local Temple Meeting with the Shira Tancho to discuss their aid in the war. A few days travel and they reach the temple. Just before they reached Mattsoncubae the Temple was attacked by a horde of Zombies. In a moment Hanpatsu Displayed a brief spark of elemental power that nearly obliterates the zombies, but also nearly the temple as well if not for quick thinking by Mattsoncumbae and Pandie. The battle over Mattsoncumbae would call Hanpatsu forward and ask him to give say his name, In witch Hanpatsu replies " I am Hanpatsu OdiloShinnai, First cousin to the head of the OdiloShinnai.". He would be accepted into the familly and due to his deeds in the Temple attack. Hanpatsu would be permitted to fight with family in the war despite his young age, but under Mattsoncumbae's guidence. Soon after Mattsoncumbae would accept Hanpatsu as his first official Student and Hanpatsu would find a true sensei in his cousin.

After the Demon Wars ended Hanpatsu got separated from Mattsoncumbae and the others and along with Shakkaho survived the war and eventually reunited with Mattsoncumbae a few months following. He would Join Midori Ken at the age of 10 awakened his rebirth abilities. Somethng that happens in the OdiloShinnai Family once possibly ever few centuries. Some time Later Hanpatsu would find out his Older Brother Shadow5 survived the Demon Wars and lost his memory. He would regain his memory after much time with Mattsoncubae traveling. Triggering his lost memories Shadow5 would save Hanpatsu from a sneak attack.

Hanpatsu now Trains with daily under the guidance of both Mattsoncumbae and Shadow5. Begining his training in the ways of the ninja like Mattsoncumbae has. Hanpatsu begins to hone his elemental powers and also begins training in the ways of teaching under Mattsoncumbae's guidance.

Tenken Shoogoes Style



Joined Midori Ken

Became first Student under Mattsoncumbae

Rebirthed to Nidan


OdiloShinnai Edit

The Legendary Family that fought alongside the Shira Tancho in the Demon Wars. Also known as the white Knights of Midori Ken. The family suffered a massive number of casualties in the war and was nearly wiped out. If not for the surviving members. Over Time The Family's Legend has been forgotten. Except within the now small number of members in the family that are now scattered through out Japan. Newly reborn The family has re-found it's roots in The Midori Ken Clan. With the beginning of Reformation Mattsoncumbae Now leads the Family to a new Bright Future serving Midori Ken. The Family Has and always will serve the Clan Midori Ken. The family is the embodiement of Loyalty and Honor. The familly is peace driven even tho they are formidable warriors


New Avatar

Mattsoncumbae OdiloShinnai: The head of The OdiloShinnai Family. He is Justinbosahi, Jessisia and Pandie's brother. He is Hanpatsu's first cousin and is Hanpatsu's Sensei. He has learned much under Mattsoncumbae's Tutelage. ______________________________________________

Katrinasan Clemensaia OdiloShinnai: Mattsoncumbae's wife. She is away training.


Justinbosashi OdiloShinnai: Mattsoncumbae, Jessisia and Pandie's Older brother. He's was missing since the Demon Wars, but he has recently been found and is now at Mattsoncumbae's side. --------

Jessisia OdiloShinnai:

Pandie OdiloShinai:

Teresasaia Cappinosa OdiloShinnai:

Stansoncumbaesashi OdiloShinnai:

Shadow5 OdiloShinnai: Hanpatsu's older brother and cousin to Mattsoncumbae, Justinbosashi, Jessisia and Pandie. He lost his memory in the Demon Wars and it was thought he lost his life, but instead with the loss of his memory spent time learning the ways of the ninja at a ninja vilage that rescued him. With his memory restored he works alongside Mattsocubae along with Hanpatsu.

Shakkaho OdiloShinnai:

Deceased OdiloShinnai: Members of the OdiloShinnai Family that lost their lives in the Demon war. Members included were 1rst and second cousins, Aaunts and Uncles, Grandparents and extended Familly. It's unknown how many survived the Demon Wars.