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(The Reaping Hound Of Death)

Level: 5

Clan: Midori Ken--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Element: Will be Wind when picked

Fighting Style: Shuundo


Justinbosashi is a Loyal Honorable Samurai.  He's a proud fellow who can be stubern at times. He has a renowned Pain Tolerance that most would fear him for.  A Loyal friend and Family member Justinbosashi is always concerned about thos he cares about. A Typical Big Brother Justinbosashi and Mattsoncumbae are very close, He Follows his brother no matter where he leads and their Bond as brothers is fearded in the battle field.


A member of the OdiloShinai Family Justinbosashi became a Samurai at the young age of 14.  He and Mattsoncumbai trained a Shira Tancho member that fell in the Demon Wars.  Nicknamed the Reaping Hound of Death by the Shira Tancho for his deeds of Hunting large groups of wolves for food during the war.  Justinbosashi disappeared after the Demon War and wasn't seen by any one for quite some time.  Justinbosashi says He can't remember exactly what happened to him. Only that he had been some where underground in tunnels.  He managed to escape and find a town where he sent word for his Brother Mattsoncumbae to come find him. Mattsoncumbae found him and They both headed to Sanejo Castle. Where Justinbosashi recovered from his injuries and condition from his time in capture. Once Recovered Justinbosashi joined the Midori Ken Clan and reunited with other remaining members of the OdiloShinnai family. Right now Justinbosashi works with Mattsoncumbae and Pandie Questing territories for Midori.

Justinbosashi dreams of being a great Samurai much like Mattsoncumbae. He's had to train to regain his skills, but with the help of his brothers he has returned to the Samurai he was. Justinbosashi is a master of kendo and wields his sword proficiently. Justinbosashi most ofeten protects those who can't protect themselves. It disgusts him to see So called warriors pic on those weaker than themselves and considers them dishonorable. Driven by the code of the Samurai and the core Values of Midori Ken and the OdiloShinnai. Justinbosashi would rather live in peace than in war, but has no problem drawing his sword to defend Peace and those he cares about.

Justinbosashi plans to Follow Mattsoncumbae and Pandie. By joining the higher ranks of Midori Ken. He devotes himself to serving the clan and follows his orders faithfully with out hesitation. Justinbosashi often checks on the OdiloShinnai Family temple making sure its safe and undisturbed while family members train in the family Martial Arts.

Like Mattsoncumbae, Justinbosashi followed his sensei's final words and trained to create his own style. He named it Shuundo. He has created many techniques with the help of Mattsoncumbae.

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The Shuundo Style was created when Justinbosashi combined Kendo with The OdiloShinnai Family Style and Wind Style techniques to create a devastatingly powerful Sword Fighting style.  It may still be uncompleted but Justinbosashi can use what little he has completed Proficiently.  Justinbosashi doesn't often use Shuundo unless the situation calls for it to be used. Like Mattsoncumbae's Shuuga Style the Shuundo Style is devastatingly powerful and when paired with the Shuuga Style can create devastating combo techniques.


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soon to come

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Howling Wolf: .Justinbosashi's sword is called the Howling Wolf. It was forged from the fang of a Wolf Justinbosashi hunted. The sword has tremendus wind powers and can only be wielded by Justinbosashi or his future children (if he ever has any). Like Mattsoncumbae's Dragon's Blood, Howling Wolf also Changes form as Justinbosashi grows stronger. Only reveiling it's true form after Justinbosashi awakens his rebirth.

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The Legendary Family that fought alongside the Shira Tancho in the Demon War.The Family Has and always will serve the Clan Midori Ken. The family is the embodiement of Loyalty and Honor. The familly is peace driven even tho they are formidable warriors. The family suffered a massive number of casualties in the war and was nearly wiped out. If not for the surviving members. Over Time The Family's Legend has been forgotten. Except within the now small number of members in the family that are now scatered through out Japan. Newly reborn The family has re-found it's roots in The Midori Ken Clan. With the beginning of Reformation Mattsoncumbae Now leads the Family to a new Bright Future serving Midori Ken.

Justinbosashi Along with Pandie are Assistant Heads of the OdiloShinnai Family. Justinbosashi can often be found at Mattsocumbae's side. Working in the Same endevors every day. One of Justinbosashi's responsibilities in the family is to ensure the Family Temple is safe and Guarded. This often pulls him away as he has to travel to survey The Temple and ensure it and the Family members there are protected.


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Mattsoncumbae OdiloShinnai: Junstinbosashi's younger brother. He is the head of the OdiloShinnai Family. Justinbosashi is normally at his side unless he's at the familly Temple. The two of them are a deadly duo in battle. _____________________________________________

Katrinasan Clemensaia OdiloShinnai: Justinbosashi's Sister In-law. She is Mattsoncumbae's wife and is currently training at the family temple.

Jessisia OdiloShinnai: Justinbosashi Mattsoncumbae and Pandie's sister. After the Demon War she retired from the battlefield and now trains new members of the OdiloShinnai Familly.

Pandie OdiloShinai: Justinbosashi, Mattsoncumbaes and Jessisia's little brother. He found Mattsoncumbae diraectly after the Demon War and has been by his side ever since. He leads The hands of Midori, Just like Justinbosashi Pandie and Mattsoncumbae are a deadly duo and with Justinbosashi an even more so fearsome trio. Pandie alongside Justinbosashi are Mattsoncumbae's right hands with in the OdiloShinnai family.

Teresasaia Cappinosa OdiloShinnai: Pandie, Justinbosashi, Jessisia and Mattsoncumbae's mother. Injured in Demon War Teresasaia Retired from the battlefield and now Trains new members of the OdiloShinnai Family in the OdiloShinnai Style martial Arts and Swordsmanship. She is currently training Katrinsan.

Stansoncumbaesashi OdiloShinnai: Pandie, JustinboSashi, Jesssisia and Mattsoncumbae's Father. It's unknown if Stansoncumbaesashi survived the Demon War. Last time any one saw him he was caught in battle with an unknown enemy when the roof of a building collapsed upon them. No sign of him or the mysterious enemy.

Shakkaho OdiloShinnai: Cousen to Mattsoncumbae, Justinbosashi, Jessisia, Pandie and Hanpatsu. After the Demon War He traveled Training until he got word Mattsoncumbae Was looking for the rest of the reamining family members and headed to find him with Another Cousin of the Family Hanpatsu and Joined Midori Ken soon after. He has yet to take the oath of the family.

Hanpatsu OdiloShinai: The young Cousin of Mattsoncumbae, Justinbosashi, Jessisia, Pandie and Shakkaho. He went with Shakkaho to find Mattsoncumbae and join Midori Ken. He has yet to take the Oath of the family.

Deceased OdiloShinnai: Members of the OdiloShinnai Family that lost their lives in the Demon war. Members included werw 1rst and second cousins, Aaunts and Uncles, Grandparents and extended Familly. It's unknown how many survived the Demon War.