Name Mitsuo
Alliance The Old Guard

Mitsuo is an archer and member of the Old Guard. Known as "The eyes and ears of the White Crane" by Shogun Lord Masahiro, Fumio calls him "the Shira Tancho's best scout". Mitsuo was glad to have left the Shira Tancho behind after the Demon Wars, and started a family and a silk farming business. He has a wife Haruka and a four-year-old son, Matsu.

Death Edit

Magoichi mortally wounds Mitsuo

Mitsuo dying

"Summer turns to winter, fruit withers on the vine...and all men die eventually."


Mitsuo is killed by General Magoichi during the fight with Clan Murasaki Tsuki. His final request is that his bow be taken home to his son, and that he be instructed to practice with it every day, just as he taught him, so that he could grow up big and strong, and protect his mother and watch over the farm. Kojuro buried him in the forest, where his body would not be disturbed, and Satoshi, Fumio, and Yuudai undertake the journey to fulfill Mitsuo's last request together. During the story Mitsuo will help the player defeating certain ennemies Until he finally sadly die..