''Spirits are Immortal. but you aren't'' -phantomsamurai

PhantomSamurai is only a nickname. his real name was ''Zen Kenzoken''

Zen Kenzoken Edit

Zen Was a Member of the clan Kenzoken a hidden clan of shinobi ready to defend Furōtinguwārudo (Floating world) Village. home of the kenzoken clan. they fight in the shadows to defend justice. He is the son Of Zenkaitoki Leader of the previously mentioned kenzoken Clan.

At a very young age Zen started trainning with his dad, However He followed The Shinobi Spirit Dance (balanced stance fighthing art) rather than taking his dad step who's a light stancer in his soul.

Backstory Edit

In their home village, The kenzoken clan Lived a nice life. With the strenght of their Fighter Simple humans Or oni Or even Red oni wouldn't Enter the village. Zen aged Safely following the way of a shinobi Until the age of 16.

as for the village, the village were alway safe....until that cursed day..

Where two masked man apeared, The masked mans Were wearing two weird shaped Blade and Different color mask. One had a green mask And a weird blade Shaped like a Lightning Covered in a red aura. The second masked man had a Blue Mask and a Weird blade shaped like a Leaf Covered with a green aura. The two man assaulted the village with Great agility And strenght, easily defeating Most of the Shinobi And Zen Dad, Zenkaitoki. Zen decided Despite his fear That he would attack the two Mans. Pulling out his sword Zen rushed at the two masked man, The green mask Man slowly grabbed his blade and in a matter of second slashed through Zen defeating him in no time... Zen bled slowly fainting....letting out a last breath... ''i failed....father...'' The two mans still ravaging the town and the shinobi dying one by one Were unstopable...

Or atleast they though they were. A kunai hit one of the man in the arm . The Two Looked behind them slowly noticing a familiar face...''was i already missed?'' Said Mockingly by Zen who were suddenly Standing Behind them. ''Dont give up too quickly...'' Said zen still bleeding yet standing.. the two masked man said together ' why are you still standing. is unknown...but we shall kill you again'' The two masked man rushed at Zen striking with The fastest techniques they had..Zen strangely blocking each of their strikes, ''what?!'' Said surprised The two masked man. ''Too slow'' Said zen striking the two man Deadly Points.Killing the two mans in a matter of seconds,

☀Looking at the ruins of his village and the many dead Corpses He corpse in particular a corpse that Made him shatter into Tears.

His dad, he never knew who were those man nor where they came from, but Zen were sure of something...He would Honor his clan By Continuing his training And Teaching The Shinobi Spirit stance to Everyone Who wished to learn Slowly Healing his wound he then left the ruins of his village behind Crying along the way the death of his dad.

Overall Edit

Zen trainned and mastered his style. he sharpened it and even made it better, He Is now known as baransugadian

And is Sadly Retreated. (Page Ongoing I will finish it later)

Abilities Edit

Shinobi Instinct

Zen is a shinobi, His evasive skills are Pretty High. He is highly skilled at dodging and can counter-strike an attack.

Mindgames Edit

Zen is good at mindgame, He can manipulate his ennemy into striking what when and where he want without people really noticing it.

Shinobi Gates of Chi Edit

Some Kind of Lost Tai-Chi Art That The kenzoken Clan Used, Greatly enhance Concentration Chi use and timing.

Martial Arts Edit

While Prefering To use his weapons In battles Zen has been shown Being able to win fight by only dodging and attacking with martial art (Such as Kick and punches And Sometimes traps)

Commander Knowledge Edit

As A strong Ex-aka ryu commander He got lot of knowledge about battle and Many more things,He can easily make up stragegy mid fight and make them work no matter what

Light stancing bal stance Edit

Zen can do a juggle similar to what a light stancer should do but in bal. It still limit bal to only three hit juggles but it is a fast and useful way to juggle.

Quotes Edit

  1. Spirits Are immortal, but you aren't.
  2. HAHAHA! give your body to jashin!
  3. Concentration is your biggest friend..
  4. Go back to Uranus!
  5. There many galaxy And Lifes. your is at a end.