Runedude is well known for his love for buckets and the tendency to

say "oof" whenever he is defeated .Not a lot is known of his

mysterious disappearance back in 2015 and his

sudden re-appearance in Jan 12,2018.


Runedude was nothing more than another person looked

over by the more prominent members of his clan.He did

not possess any extraordinary ability or talent,he does

however has an unusual interest in buckets that cover his

face.Often getting put in side duties such as watching

the castle,he was left with only his buckets to leave him

busy and occupied.

The Aoi Hoiru--Aka Ryu wars*

After the fued between Aloshka(third Aoi leader) and Tatsuo(third Aka leader)

broke out, Runedude was put into the front lines as a

foot soldier.From there gained he more experience

with fighting, but still lacking the skill of an

experienced swordsman. After being sent

to participate in a battle concerning the territories

of Ryumiya(52,20),Toshino(52,21),Michikawa(52,22); Runedude

was never heard from again.People assumed he was dead

for a long time.Until one day,he rose up from the dead with

the last item he was carrying:a bucket with holes in it.

The New World( Runedude's awakening)

After waking up to an entirely new era, he was curious to know

about what happened after the years of his disappearance.

But to no avail,he learned that all of his commanding officers

are now dead and that the new leader of the clan is AK90; a

wizard he has never heard about.Now left with no official authority

to command him,he set out on a quest to find whatever remaining

person from his past is still living or now dead;finding answers

to why things came to be.

Adventures of the new world

during his quests on the New World,Runedude

has stumbled into many interesting scenarios along the way.

the Shadow Realm(not to be confused with the "other world")*

after hearing a rumor from locals that a certain

graveyard is able to give people the power to

harness the earth as a weapon,Runedude

directly went and searched for this site.

After discovering it,he shortly after passed

out;unable to move or wake up from the trance.

He then woke up to a completely different world,one

very much uknown to him or to anyone who never

heard from it before.

It is from there he learned more about

how to fight and even harnessed the full ability

of earth.When he suddenely woke up,he noticed

that his skin had become pale to the point that

people would mistake him as a living corpse.

Uknown imitator*

while searching the ruins for more clues on

his next quest,he encountered a rather uncanny

lookalike of his own image.He asked a few questions

at him,but got no response as he was just standing

in the other side,as if he was a mirror.

Being creeped out by this,Runedude decided

to go to a town andcatch his senses for a bit.

After spending a night in one

of the inns,he was approached by an old man who warns

him of a dangerous ruin nearby which is known

for all sorts of disappearances ranging from travellers

to neighbors of their own town.Intruiged by what he heard,

he went back to the nearby ruin he left earlier to

find out more about this.Once he entered,he was greeted

by a horde of various dead samurai;all of which fell

in the hands of whatever took hold on the ruin.He

defeated all the dead inside and rid the ruin of the

evil being's presence.

A friend from the past*

Longing for questions to wether his old friends are

still alive, Runedude decided to take a break from

his adventures and went back to finding more about what

happened to them.

After some weeks of searching,Runedude was drained

and almost about to quit his plan to find them.Out of some luck

,he was bumped by a young child named "yoko".Runedude asked

wether cooliegriffie was still around or if he had moved to

another location.The girl said yes,but only because of a story dating

all the way back from 321 years ago.Yoko told him that there

was once a man who arrived in their town that helped them resist

the Aka.He was fierce and brave and through his wit,he helped the town

deter these would-be conquerers.However because of his courage,his life

was taken away as a result.After being told by yoko that a statue

was erected in his honor,Runedude paid his respects by leaving

a basket filled with fish and potatoes:the items he gave to Runedude

whenever Runedude was hungry.