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This Article is a Place for Rumors Legends And History Of This World (shsd samurai world) Note that this is not a guide, And that if you're a new player or just a old player who need to remember a few tricks go to the new player guide section.

Rumors And LegendsEdit

Rumors And Legends Were Spread Throughout The Ages, I Will List The Rumors And Legends That Either Were Proven True, Those That Are Unproven But Possible, Or Even The False One.


Kiyoshi ReturnEdit

Apparently A Rumor Saying That The Old World Player Kiyoshi Would Be Back Under A New Name,It's Remain Unproven But Would Be Fun If It Were True right? ;)

Accesibility To The Shadow RealmEdit

There A Rumor Saying That A Glitch Turn You Into a Shadow, And Would Turn The Area Around You Into The Shadow Realm,t's True But Only Work for you. No One Else Will See it, Plus it's not technically the real shadow realm but more of a visual glitch. 

The Hell King (This Nickname Was Used To Describe The 'Demon Lord')Edit

People Said That The King Of Hell Were Fightable Upon Going To hell, Of Course That Rumor Is False, But It Was Something People Found Funny To Think About.


Everyone Remember The New Weak Player Called Zeus, Rumors Said He Stole The Name Of A Old World Player, The Rumor Said That Zeus Was a Rare Kind Of Light Stancer, Of course it' Remain Unproven But In My Opinion This Rumor Is Probaly False, Yet People Asked Me To Add It Anyway.

Wandering TenguEdit

People said to have seen tengu walking around in certain territories, of course people think it'S false and so do i, but it's remain unproven.



Monks Research (History) Edit